This is a paper I just wrote for my Senior Portfolio class. I’m sharing it because it is the first time I have ever felt so successful with looking into the future. Feel free to read about my passions and my 5 year plan, basically. no big deal. need to know basis: CRGS stands for Critical […]



What do you spend time doing, when you’re not procrastinating or playing your hand at the table of absolute avoidance…what do you choose to focus on? If you really have a choice in the matter, what’s the matter gonna be? I suppose when I have many things to get done within a certain block of […]

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Collegiate PTSD

College. You’re giving me PTSD. With all your Preaching All your Emails, Google Docs, and Youtube “Ice breakers” and “events”, “clubs meetings” and “group projects” Volunteering and Internships, all of your “opportunities”. It’s not even even the starvation and the poverty that’s got me really down. You see, at least starvation and poverty aren’t presenting […]

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A young calamity.

I can’t recall much from the couple years before my virginity suddenly and not at all gracefully… separated itself from me. That event a girl knows about before she can at all begin to understand it, comes and goes, like that impending sentence ending a book you have been engulfed in for weeks. It just happens, and you know […]

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